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Our Invitation to You

Our Invitation

We have sought to explain Westminster Theological College and Seminary in Uganda's mission, vision, values and commitment to our Reformed heritage, theology, calling and confidence. We hope you will want to learn more. We hope you will consider joining our community that seeks to prepare men and women to serve King Jesus on His earth, as His white-hot worshippers.

The leaders of the Reformation were men and women of faith, courage, great conviction and prayer even in the face of great opposition. They wisely formulated their understanding of Scripture into balanced theological statements in the Reformed confessions. They were used by God to lead one of history's greatest revivals and movements of the gospel. We gladly stand with our Reformation forefathers as the heralds of the Reformed faith. But these men and women also had great humility. They also believed that the church must be "reformed and always reforming". We at WTC/S want to have similar humility and like courageous conviction. The needs of our world and the church in our day call for such. We must continually seek to apply the unchanging principles and truths of Scripture to our ever- changing world. We must seek to engage our modern world and especially the needs of Africa with the same love for Christ, submission to God's Word, humility, courage, zeal and boldness that characterized our Reformation ancestors. We invite you to join us in this mission and quest.

Our Invitation

We at WTC/S believe that the need of the hour reformation and revival in Africa and world-wide. God's method is to raise up holy, humble and prayerful pastors and church leaders of great courage, compassion, biblical conviction and confidence. The best way to equip and prepare this kind of leader is to help our students sink their teeth and to grow their own roots deep into the heritage, theology, calling, boldness and prayerfulness of the biblical and Reformed faith.

Won't you consider joining us at WTC/S? Won't you consider "Training for Gospel Transformation?"