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Westminster Theological Seminary in Uganda

January 2012 Seminary course

"What you have heard, entrust to faithful men" 2 Timothy 2:2

The Westminster Theological Seminary in Uganda was launched with a convocation and inauguration on Sunday, January 21, 2007.

Westminster Theological Seminary in Uganda is pleased to announce the launch of its full-time program, starting in January 2011. This will not affect the current part-time program of three two-week modules per year (last two weeks of January, May and August). The current part-time program will continue as it is. However, the full-time program will add two semesters each year to the modular schedule. Each semester will be approximately 13 weeks, from February through April and from September through November. A student desiring to study full-time will be able to take 15 courses or 30 credits per year by enrolling in the three modules and the two semesters. Each module offers three courses (six credits) and each semester will offer three courses (six credits).

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WTS offers the Master of Divinity degree (112 credits) to prepare men for ordained ministry and men and women for various non-ordained leadership roles.

We also offer Master of Arts in Theological Studies (74 credits) with emphases in Biblical Studies, Biblical Counseling and Christian Education (76 credits).

Westminster Theological Seminary in Uganda "is a huge step forward for the church in Africa" remarked David Baguma, Trustee and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Uganda at the inauguration. Only the 9th graduate level seminary on a continent of 800 million where close to 400 million are professing Christians, WTS has been established by a partnership with Birmingham Theological Seminary. Many students in the new WTS have said "We are so grateful to God that a long held dream and prayer has come to fruition."

Seminary Announces Full-time Program to Complement Current Part-time Program

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Module Dates

January 15-30 May 15-30 August 15-30

Each Module offers three two-credit courses. Each module is Monday to Saturday for two weeks for a total of 12 days. Each course is four days, 6 hours of class work per day plus 2 hours for examination on the last day of the course.